Nicole Nascimento, Front Desk Patient Liaison

Nicole received her dual doctorate and masters DTCM/MTCM from Five Branches University in December 2020, with an emphasis in addiction medicine, woman’s health, fertility and pregnancy. She also received a Bachelor and Science in Reproductive and Child Health Studies from the University of Redlands in 2015. Nicole is currently working towards taking the California Acupuncture Board exam to become a licensed acupuncturist.

Nicole’s family is originally from Portugal. Her last name Nascimento means birth in Portuguese. She finds it inspiring because she always wanted to go into a field that allows her to work with pregnancy, birth and fertility.

Her focus in addiction treatment and management led her through a one-year internship at a Janus of Santa Cruz, an in-patient rehabilitation facility.

Her passion in woman’s health, fertility and pregnancy brought her to studying abroad in various maternity wards throughout Thailand for six weeks in college. She spent time in the labor and delivery units observing and assisting. She also participated in lactation consultation groups as well as sexual health education at the hospitals. The practices of labor and delivery in Thailand are extremely different compared to the U.S. Through this experience, she learned the importance of education and understanding cultural differences before making a judgment regarding patient care, doctor/patient dynamics, and general healthcare recourses.

Additionally, Nicole completed her micro needling (Collagen induction therapy) for acupuncturists through San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture in 2019, along with multiple courses in cosmetic acupuncture at Five Branches University.

Nicole has a passion for helping patients reach and maintain optimum health by providing patient education, guiding patients to have an active role in treatment plans, preventative medicine and healthy lifestyles. She looks forward to utilizing her experience and continue to grow and learn in an integrated, holistic health environment.

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