Jeannette Schreiber, Acupuncturist


Pain relief/management, digestion, internal medicine, fertility.


Jeannette is a graduate of Five Branches University, including advanced studies at a hospital in Hangzhou, China. She has worked and trained in one of the largest acupuncture practices in the U.S., Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Poulsbo, WA, and was a faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Practitioner Philosophy:

Jeannette enjoys helping people reclaim their health and their ability to do what they love in life. Her focus is finding common ground between Eastern and Western medical traditions, and she utilizes the best of both to prevent disease and restore health. With an extensive background working at pharmacies, Jeannette is our clinic’s go-to for supplement clarification and recommendations. Patients love Jeannette for her enthusiastic and creative approach to coaching patients go beyond treatments to practice a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Furthermore, she is in studying to get her nursing degree. She’s looking forward to using the experience to improve her Chinese medical practice, to better integrate Chinese and Western medicines, and most importantly to improve patient care.