Office Policies

Cancellations and rescheduling

Our office has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you miss your appointment, cancel or change your appointment with less than 24-hour notice, you will be charged the full amount for your visit.

This policy is in place out of respect for our practitioners and our patients. This allows us enough time to schedule another patient trying to get in for care.

COVID-19 Guidelines

For our COVID-19 guidelines please visit this page.

Children, pets & cell phone guidelines

No children under 10 can be left unattended. We love children and understand how tough it is to go to doctor’s appointments while caring for a young child. However, there are needles and biohazardous waste present in the treatment rooms. For the safety of your child, and that you may receive the maximum benefit from your sessions, please find a time for your appointments when you can come by yourself.

No-Pets policy. Only Working Service Dogs Permitted For the health and safety of our patients, our clinic has a No-Pets policy. Although we love animals, please leave your pet at home during your visit to AWA. This No-Pets policy applies to pets, emotional support animals, comfort Animals & therapy animals.

All cell phones must be placed on vibrate and voices kept at a minimum to ensure optimal healing space for patients. If one must take a call, please exit the waiting room for consideration of others.