Amara Goodman, Acupuncturist


Fertility, women’s health, pain management, emotional wellness, stress management.


Amara holds a Master’s Degree from Five Branches University. Amara has worked at a Tibetan Medical Clinic where the integration of spiritual and physical wellness was emphasized, as well as where she established a community acupuncture clinic in order to provide greater access to acupuncture. She has trained for over twenty years in martial arts. Amara has taught Tai Chi, for health, extensively throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

She started her teaching as an assistant instructor during a lunchtime series of Tai Chi classes for Stanford University’s Wellness Program. Prior to practicing Chinese Medicine, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from San Jose State University, California. While initially trained to find literary themes and patterns, Amara has transferred this skill to find overarching medical patterns from seemingly unrelated symptoms. Amara traveled throughout Asia (predominantly India and Nepal) between high school and college.

Practitioner Philosophy:

Amara believes that balance is the key to health. When we have the space to listen, healing can unfold. She is inspired by implementing a network of relationships and interconnectedness of energetic pathways to create harmony. Her passion is finding practical ways to apply ancient wisdom and principles to our modern lives.

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